Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirchi Bhajji - Evening Snack


Gram flour : 2 cups
Rice flour : 1/4 cup
Mirchi (special mirchi bajji mirchis) : 10 to 12
Cumin seeds : 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Baking soda : A pinch
Vegetable oil : oil to deep frying

Make besan batter by mixing gram flour, rice flour,salt and baking powder in a bowl, add water and prepare thick batter.
Wash and cut the bottom end and make a slit length wise in the middle with a knife or a spoon and remove seeds.
Heat oil in a deep bottomed kadai, once the oil is hot, dip the mirchi in batter one by one and gently drop from the sides of kadai and fry until light golden color. Remove it. Let it cool for few seconds. Again put the mirchi bajji in the hot oil to get golden color, remove from the oil, let it cool for a minute to get the real taste.

Serve with onion slices(chopped the onion and mix with salt and lemon juice). This is a favourite evening snack during rain.

Sending this to EC's     WYF : Tea Time Snack Event Announcement


EC said...

Sounds interesting..thanks for the entry

Good Pediatrician in Adyar said...

it is a perfect weekend snack


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